A blog?!

I'm late to the party I guess. The whole blogging party. However I am late to everything in life, so it is typically me. Anyway, Welcome! I decided I wanted to start a blog a while back now but I never knew how to go about it, but today, I decided to take the plunge and go for it. My main passion is writing, and it is something I want to do more of, hence this blog. This blog isn't restricted to certain types of post, I will just be typing and writing about anything that inspires me at that moment in time. I can tell you what I am interested in, so you can expect these sort of themes in upcoming blog posts.


Very blog typical, I understand,but it is something I am genuinely interested in.

Mental health.

I struggle with my mental health in numerous ways, and I think this will be a good outlet.


I guess I will just talk about the style of my life in this genre.

And plenty more! But that's a slight over view of what you could expect to see here.

Bye for now,

Tamzin xxx


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