Clearing your head

'Freedom is a state of mind'

Some days (Most days) in the school holidays or at the weekend I find myself cooped up in the house doing nothing, alone. Parents are at work, brothers out, and I have nothing to do. On days like this I find my head getting overloaded, like I need space. I believe this because even though I am in the house alone and theoretically I have space, its the feeling of being trapped between the four walls of my bedroom or lounge that makes me feel restrained. I feel like I need to set my self free, and just escape.

The way I do this is take the smallest walk ever to the tiny field behind my house.

It honestly takes me about 30 seconds to a minute to get there.

On any other day when I do this, I don't take my phone, so I can just not think about anything or have anything to distract me, but today I took it so I could take photographs for this post.

Trust me, this place is not exciting. It's literally just a patch of land, with a few trees. but it's silent, and nostalgic. The amount of hours I spent playing on this 'field' is uncountable, I would always come here and mess around with my friends, or with my brother. Have water fights, pretend we were horses galloping around, make daisy chains, the typical childhood things to do. It became Narnia, or a racetrack, or truly whatever we wanted it to be. We let our imaginations run wild and we just had fun. I would even go there on my own, and sit and read as I grew older. Now I just like to go and think, or not think at all.

Even when it's not a nice day, it's good to get out and clear your mind. It's good to get fresh air in your lungs and just take a few moments to appreciate things and gain inspiration and motivation for whatever you desire to do.

There's a spot on the field where I like to sit. It's close to the top so you can look all the way down it, towards the trees and the greenery. I like it. Like I said, it's nothing special, but I guess I would call this one of my happy places.

There is also an area with some steps that I like to sit on. It's that quiet, it's strange. This 'field' is in the middle of a busy housing estate, but once your'e within the tree walls you can hear nothing but bird call. It's like being in the middle of nowhere - although I was only a few steps away from my front door.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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