How to: Make a Nutella Milkshake!

This is a pretty simple shake to make, but this recipe was requested so here goes!

You will need vanilla ice cream, milk and Nutella! And a blender of your choice. I am using a nutribullet, but I'm sure any blender/food processor will be fine.

Then I just added my ingredients to the blender. A generous scoop of the ice cream. You could even use chocolate ice cream if you wanted it to be extra chocolaty.

A heaped table spoon of Nutella.

And enough milk to cover both the ice cream and Nutella.

Then you whizz, whizz, whizz until it's all mixed up and smooth!

I then poured it into this coffee glass ready to enjoy! I have tried this recipe out a few times and found this ratio worked the best. But generally you can just play around with it, if you want it more liquidy add more milk, if you want it more Nutellay, well add more Nutella!

It goes so frothy on top, and it tastes so good! I also added a small bit of ice cream to garnish, but you don't have to do that obviously. You could garnish with strawberries, or chocolate sauce, or just leave it plain. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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