Leeds Festival + Blog Update // New schedule


Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was at Leeds Festival all day and didn't get back until 2:30am this morning! Unfortunately, me posting everyday on this blog has come to an end! I am going back to school in a matter of days and I just won't have the time to post everyday when I do. But don't worry, I will be posting every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. That's what I have decided so far, but that may change. I might miss a day or do an extra post, it isn't set in place. It's kind of just like a guideline, I'll try to post those days but things might happen which I can't prevent, meaning days could get switched around etc. However, do keep an eye on my twitter, for updates and links to posts!

Onto to Leeds Festival, here are the pictures. I only took a few.

We saw DJ Fresh, Charli XCX, Royal Blood, Metallica and a few others!

See you Thursday, I think. I do go back to school on Thursday, so it is likely to be a school related post!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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