My Dressing Table // August 2015

I thought I would show you some pictures of my dressing table, and what I keep on it.

But before I do, I just wanted to say none of my photos are edited or have filters on. I like to keep things natural, and give you the actual image, instead of you not being able to tell what colour something is because I have 100 filters on it. They are also all taken on my IPhone 5C.

This is an overview of my dressing table area. The dressing table is the Malm one from Ikea, and the mirror and shelf are also from Ikea too.

This is a picture of my desk close up. The chair was again from Ikea. The lipstick organiser is from Amazon, the quote picture is from Gabby's range at Primark, as well as the cat eye mask. Then you can also see my Tanya Burr Hollywood eyes palette. Next to that is the letter 'T', which I actually made myself. I purchased a cardboard 'T' and decoupaged it with this gorgeous blue and white flowered paper. I then have my brand new makeup bag, which I will be doing a 'What's in my makeup bag' when I go back to school. I just get my makeup out of my drawers when it's the holidays, but when it's school time I prefer to have a makeup bag so I can just chuck it in my bag if needs be. Anyway, next to that I have a makeup setting spray. Then my makeup brush pots, one for eye brushes and one for face brushes. Next I have my mirror, which I use to do my makeup everyday. And lastly I have a coaster which my mum bought me a few years back. It has a poem on about mothers and daughters.

In the drawer under my desk I keep stationary, but I'm thinking of doing another blog post showing you around there.

This is my shelf. It holds books and photo frames. It keeps my favourite books on it. I really want to do a favourite books blog post, so let me know if you would like that.

This layout will probably change soon as I do like to switch things up. I really want a pin board or a whiteboard in the space between my desk and shelf, but I'm worried it might look too crowded. If I do get one, I will be sure to show you!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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