Q and A #1

I'm just going to jump straight in with it, my first ever Q and A, or Q and slay as Tyler Oakley would say! *Cue claps*

There is not that many questions so here we go!

Someone asks...
Why did you join twitter? (As a YouTube/PLL themed account)
I already had a personal twitter account, but I didn't use it very much as the only thing I wanted to tweet was tweets to my favourite YouTubers/actors or things to do with that. On my personal account I had all the people who I go to school with, and I thought it wouldn't be the best thing if I started to bombard their timelines with such things. The other reason was because I wanted to be in a community where people enjoy the same things as me, as well as me being able to talk to people who I actually have things in common with. 

Someone asks...
What do you like about Pretty Little Liars so much?
I like the fact that PLL addresses so many modern day issues. It explores depths that many TV shows wouldn't dare of, and it takes risks which I enjoy. It has the perfect balance of mystery and realism. I love the mystery and the suspense, but also the fact that even though it is so far fetched, it could happen. I really don't like fantasy, things with vampires or wizards or whatever, but PLL pushes the boundaries enough for it not to be boring. 

Someone asks...
If you could spend a day as any YouTuber, who would you be and what would you do?
I think I would have to say Zoe (Zoella). She is so successful with her book and beauty range and obviously YouTube channel, I think it would be super interesting to live a day as her. For the second part, I would say have a day of meetings. Sounds boring I know, but I always wonder what YouTubers do and discuss in meetings! I would then probably say go to an event in the evening, a launch etc. It would be so fun to hang around with the whole crew!

Someone asks...
You have a genie lamp and have three wishes, what would they be?
*I am excluding world peace and similar things as we all want that and its very generic*
1. Be eternally happy and content.
2. Meet my internet best friend. 
3. Have enough money to buy the make up and clothes I want #sorrynotsorry

Someone asks...
What is your hair, fashion and make up staple?
Hair - An all in one hair treatment. I have one at the moment by the brand uniq one (I think that is what it is called) and it is amazing! It has 10 real effects, including shine and frizz control, UVA and UVB filters, adds body, heat protection, silkiness, and more! There are so many! 
Fashion - I would have to go for leggings. I live in leggings. They are comfortable, but look basic and nice at the same time. If I was saying something a bit better, I would say a plain white baggy tee as you can dress it up or down.
Make up - A good cool toned brown eye-shadow, I use one for my brows and I often use it through my crease for some definition. Also I think concealer is essential. And a nice comfortable nude lip stick!

Someone asks...
What is your autumn/winter must have make up product?
I have a few. I think first of all plum/berry toned products are essential. A plum toned blush is gorgeous, or a berry lip really shows that you know your seasonal make up, if you get what I mean. A gold eye-shadow is also a must, as well as an ultra conditioning lip balm, for when your lips get all chapped in the cold. And finally a hydrating primer, as it acts like another moisturiser, and after all the double the moisture the better! Especially as the winter comes and your skin gets dryer. 

That's it for my Q and A. Make sure to follow me on twitter, @gabriellaftpll so when I do my next Q and A, your Q can be Ad. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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