Realistic drugstore makeup starter kit + Makeup tips for beginners

I see a lot of people on YouTube do makeup starter kits, and they are all good, however when I started out with makeup I didn't have half of that stuff - or I couldn't afford it. I see them include Revlon or L'Oreal foundations, which are number 1, too expensive for someone experimenting with makeup, and number 2, unnecessary in my opinion, as I think BB creams are better for someone starting out. But this is all just my opinion, and if you feel as if you want foundation, I understand. The only reason I advise people who are just starting out with makeup not to jump straight in and wear foundation, or even anything as a base, is because when you are young, you usually have fresh, clear skin, and a base which you have never used before can break you out and change your skin. I think the best thing to do is wean yourself on. Start of with a bit of concealer, and then go onto BB cream, then foundation. I started with no foundation or any base, and I just wore a bit of eye-shadow and lip gloss at first. Then I wore a stick concealer, the MUA £1 one which is a good, and I recommend it, but I don't have one to show you on the picture unfortunately.

So this is my makeup starter kit. Enjoy!

Starting off with Base. As I said, I don't think it's necessary, but if you feel as if you need one, the NYC BB cream is a good option. I also really like the Rimmel BB cream. One of the first ever bases I wore was a light coverage foundation, it was called 'Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation' - I think. It was actually really good, but I don't think they sell it any more which is a shame.

Then for concealer, I really like Rimmel Wake me up. You can use this alone if you don't want to wear the BB cream, it works well without.

For powder, I love the Rimmel stay matte, It's my go to powder - it is so matte. Even though I have normal to dry skin, I like to be matte most of the time. If you don't want to be matte, you could go for Rimmel clear complexion.

I don't really recommend going for bronzer when you are just starting out, it's a bit heavy and it can go terribly wrong. I remember I used to wear bronzing balls, applied with those little sponges! It looked terrible. There are some subtle bronzers you can pick up from the drugstore, so I would say go in and swatch them, and make sure they are not to dark.

I would say go for a blush instead, I really like the natural collection ones. The one in the picture is in the shade 'Peach Melba'.

Contour/highlight is too complex in my opinion for now... It can go either really right, or really wrong. I might do a blog post about contour/highlight products for beginners. I'm no expert obviously, but I have had some disasters I could chat about, and show some of my favourite subtle products.

I think eyebrows are a hard one. I takes a long time to understand your eyebrow shape and how to shape and maintain them. It is so easy to go over board on the plucking, which I have done a fair few times. After many over plucking sessions I decided to grow my eyebrows out, and it took forever. I then started to go and get my eyebrows threaded and they are so much better! They cost £5 each time and I just go whenever I feel like they need doing. I used to draw my eyebrows on terribly, so far apart and they looked vile. I recommend starting off with something like Maybeline Brow Drama, it's a brow gel, and you can get them in clear or tinted. They set your brows in place and add a bit of colour if you use one of the tinted ones. It's a great solution for someone who wants to easily add something to their brows.

This one is easy for me, for eye-shadow, I recommend the MUA palettes! They are amazing value for money. They are pigmented and blend-able and look gorgeous! My first MUA palette was the heaven and earth palette, the perfect mix of natural browns. I no longer have that palette as it got a bit too much wear, and the lid snapped off and I hit pan on almost all of the shades. The palette in the picture is the MUA Elysium palette, it's lovely. It has rosy tones, so if they are your thing, check this out! It also comes with a double ended eye-liner/brow bone highlighter. Any of the MUA palettes are great, there are many neutral ones and ones with a pop of colour.

Then for eye-liner, which I don't really wear all to often, but if you want too, I say go for the Rimmel scandal-eyes in Taupe. It's a nice light brown shade, so it doesn't look too harsh.

Mascara was tricky one, only because the drugstore has so many amazing ones!!! The one I have here is the Miss Sporty fabulous lash (I think). It applies well, with a nice amount of length. It's not too over the top, so it isn't too in your face.

Lastly, moving onto lips, I would say get yourself a good lip balm. The one in the picture is the Maybeline Baby Lips, which is OK. It isn't as moisturising as I would like, I prefer the Nivea ones but they are in my handbag and I forgot to get them out! I love the Nivea essential care, and the Nivea fruity shine. I then picked out a Barry M lip gloss, These are great, and I really like this nude shade, I think it's perfect. A lip gloss is a good option as they are comfortable and easy to apply. If you want a lip stick however, Rimmel do some lovely nudes and pops of colour.

Now for brushes. There are only 2 essentials in my opinion. A multi task brush, which you can use for blush, powder, and any other powder products. And a small blending brush, which you can use for both applying product to the lid and for blending it out. In the picture it is the multi task brush from real techniques, and the eye-shadow brush is from catwalk glamour, but you can get them from most brands. As for the application of foundation/BB cream, you can use your hands, but if you want to use a brush, there are typical flat foundations brushes which are available everywhere, or buffing brushes which you can also get from brands such as real techniques.

As for the makeup bag, Primark do amazing ones!!! They are really cheap, and stunning! This one is like an actual bag with no structure, but they also do more structured ones, and clear ones like the following.

They fit everything in nicely, and they are affordable, usually around £2/3/4.

That's everything for my makeup starter kit, along with a few tips for beginners! I hope you enjoyed this, it took me a long time to plan and write.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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