Sleek Del Mar Vol.II Limited Edition Palette Review with Swatches

I had high hopes for this palette. The packaging is nice, and as the name suggests, sleek. The outer packaging was beautiful, all tropical and holiday themed, it really enticed me.

Outer Packaging.

The actual palette packaging front and back.

So far so good. The colours looked amazing, fun, but not too outrageous. They were colourful, but there were also some neutrals, so you could easily create a wearable look. 

I'd always heard that on YouTube and Blogs that Sleek Palettes were so highly pigmented and great value for money. I am sure this palette cost £7.99, which I believe was a reasonable price for a drugstore palette. However, I do love MUA palettes, I own about 3 of those, and they cost between £4 and £6. And I have to say, I prefer the MUA ones. I never hear anything about the MUA palettes on the internet, and I believe they are incredible for the price.

Anyway, going back to the Sleek palette. I was so excited to use this palette! But it is very summery obviously so I decided I was going to save it until my holiday to use it. I bought this in April - my holiday was in July. I had to wait a while, but I couldn't really pull half the colours off in April/May anyway.

A great thing about this palette is it's huge mirror. I found that really handy while I was away. 

Here are the first row swatches. As you can see, they aren't very pigmented. They have barely much pigment to them in all honestly. They are quite hard to work with, and tricky to build up much colour. The one between the yellow and the green is meant to be a bright shimmery gold, but it hardly shows at all! They are not the most blendable, and because you have to use a lot, they crease quite a lot. 

Second row of swatches.

The only colour I found to be nicely pigmented was the first colour on the second row. (The first swatch above.) It is kind of a pearl, shimmery finish, and I do like this shade. However, the fact there is only one colour out of 12 that I think works well, is not the most pleasing. 

I then decided to show you what the colours look like with a primer underneath. This is an Avon primer in the shade light beige. They show up slightly brighter, but nothing major.

Overall I was disappointed by this palette, I fell in love with the shades when I saw them but the pigmentation is a let down. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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