This or that + Blog update

I thought in today's blog post it would be fun to answer some general this or that questions, and it might help you to get to know me even better. But first of all, I'd like to apologise for the lack of a blog post yesterday. I've been trying to post everyday since I started my blog, up until I have to go back to school, then it will go on more of a schedule. I'm thinking Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but that might change so don't take my word for it just yet! So back to apologising, yesterday I went out with a friend who I hadn't spent time with in a while, early in the morning, and we didn't get back to late evening. I was going to then write in the evening, but I suddenly became quite ill and had 0% energy. I fell asleep very early, and then woke up, then napped again etc. I was just so groggy and felt yucky, but I had no idea why. So I'm very sorry for that, but I hope you understand! Back to the this or that questions!

I found these questions on Google and thought they'd be good to answer as they cover a range of topics! Let's get started!

Coffee or Tea?
I think I've mentioned this in so many blog posts already but None! I hate both so much. 

Books or Movies?
Both. It depends, I love getting stuck into a good book, but I enjoy movies. If I had to go for one I'd probably say Books as I prefer TV shows over movies, and in all honesty I don't watch that many films.

Flats or Heels?
I'd have to say flats, comfort is key with me!

Summer or Winter?
Winter! I love the cosiness, and the festivities. I like summer abroad, as you can go in the pool and sea, and I love swimming and snorkelling. However summer in England is either raining or too humid to handle! 

Hugs or Kisses?

Lip stick or Lip gloss?
Lip stick

DVD or Big screen?
Big screen, I like going to the cinema.

Pancakes or waffles?
Pancakes! With Nutella and banana! 

Morning or Night?
Probably night.

Jeans or Leggings?
Leggings. Again, comfort is key with me!

Facebook or Instagram?
Instagram! I love taking nice shots, you can follow me if you like, I post a lot of food pictures! Especially Ice cream. -@tamzinlena

Vegetables or Fruit?

Hunger games or Twilight?
I'm not a big fan of either, but I'd probably say Twilight, even though I'm not into fantasy things at ALL.

Scream or Cry?

Flowers or Candy?
Candy, well Sweets because I'm British!

Small town or Big city?
Small town.

Beach or Pool?

Pop or Country?

Sweet or sour?
This made me think of Chinese food. I love Chinese food so much... But Sweet!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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