What I do on sundays + Makeup, book and TV show chat

Sundays are probably my favourite day of the week.

I love the laziness of Sundays, I never really do much, and that's my favourite thing to do, not much.

I nearly always wake up quite late on a Sunday, between 10am-11am. I then go downstairs and grab some breakfast. Now this is one thing that changes all the time. I'm not one of those people who eats the same breakfast everyday, nor am I one of those people who has green smoothies and porridge topped with blueberries. I wish I was one of those people, but I'm just not that way inclined. I will just have cereal or toast, a typical breakfast I suppose.

I will then go back upstairs, mug of milk in hand. (You will know if you read my last blog post, I don't like tea or coffee, so milk is for me) I then do anything I need to do before I can relax.

First, I make my bed and tidy round my bedroom, so when I'm chilling out, it doesn't feel messy or cluttered.

Second, I like to put on a bit of makeup, so I feel comfortable in my skin, especially with the conditions it's in at the moment. I have 2 huge breakouts, so I like to cover them up. I don't over load my face with makeup on chill days, I don't wear foundation, just concealer where I need it. Here's a typical Sunday's face of the day:

A bit of concealer, powder and blush. I don't like to wear bronzer on chill days because I think it's too heavy. Instead I opt for a good highlighter, to add some radiance to my face. I don't do my brows properly, I just add some maybeline brow drama to style them a little. I whack a little colour on the lids, and go straight in with my current favourite mascara, Avon boost it waterproof. I don't wear eye-liner much anyway, so that's part of my makeup routine I don't tend to do any day of the week. I then add some colour to my lips. Nothing to bold or too heavy, I usually opt for a tinted lip balm or lip crayon on days like this. Today I went for Avon's lip crayon in the shade 'Risqué rose'. It adds a nice subtle pop of colour.

Third, I like to make my set up. Get my laptop and open up whatever I am going to watch, usually The Michalak's family video diaries. They are my favourite vloggers on YouTube. Their editing skills are amazing, and they are truly lovely lovely people. Sundays without them is like Christmas without Pigs in Blankets. (My favourite Christmas food ever!!!)

I also usually grab some snacks, because well, why not?!

I then usually just fritter between watching YouTube, Netflix, or listening to music. As it is Sunday, everyone and their mum uploads YouTube videos, so it usually takes me a long time to get through all my subscriptions. As Pretty Little Liars is now finished until January, I have an incredible show shaped hole in my heart, and my hunt began last night to find something to replace it on Netflix. I watch Orange is the new black from time to time, I love it, but it isn't something I can get addicted to like PLL. I need some mystery in my life.

I decided to watch Gossip Girl. I have heard it is quite similar to PLL, so I thought perfect, it can keep me occupied for the next 6 months or so. I watched the pilot last night, then episode 2, and 3. It is so good so far! I am really loving it.

I like to light candles and listen to music on Sundays as well, to have a break from all the videos and shows. I don't actually light candles - I have battered powered ones, because I am one of those people who will probably forget I have candles lit and then subsequently burn the house down.

I keep them in this beautiful vintage jar my late nanny owned.

I like to read at this time too. I have recently read three books. The girl on the train, All the bright places and Life with a sprinkle of glitter. All completely different, all great reads. I think the book that had the biggest impact on me was All the bright places. Wow. It is such an emotional book. I cried way more at this than any episode of Pretty Little Liars, and that is a big deal. I was on the beach at the time, I finished it while I was on holiday, and I was laid on my sun-bed sobbing for a good hour. No lie. If you haven't read it, go check it out, as well as the others too.

And that's it. All I really do on Sundays. Sleep, eat, YouTube, Netflix, read, chill, repeat. Nothing very exciting, but these are my favourite kind of days. And now I guess I blog too. :-)

Bye for now,

Tamzin xxx


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