5 ways to relax WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY.

Hello! I haven't spoke on here in a while as I have had the most stressful week and bit ever. If you saw my previous posts, I mentioned I probably wasn't going to blog for a week or so as I just simply wouldn't have time. Anyway, I'm back now, and I thought of what better blog post to do than a de-stressing, all relaxing one. As I said, I have had a mega stressful week, and now as I am getting back into the swing on things, I am trying my hardest to relax.

So here are 5 ways to chill out without a phone, or tablet or laptop. I think it is important to do this regularly. Take a break from your devices, and just take some moments for yourself. Here's how I do it.

1) Take a bath.

An easy thing to do, but just run a hot bath, chuck in something to create bubbles and then jump straight in. When I had this bath I swirled in some 'Snow fairy', which is my all time favourite shower gel/bath product in general. It's from lush and it smells heavenly. A bath instantly makes me feel more relaxed.

2) Read a book in the garden.

Reading is a great thing to do when your stressed and need to zone out. It's an alternative to sticking the TV on, and I especially enjoy reading in my garden. Not in the rain of course, but when the suns out or its relatively okay weather, it is lovely.

3) Spend time with your pets. (If you have any that is)

If you don't have any pets then this won't apply to you, but one thing that always stops me from stressing out is taking some time to play with or spend time with your animals. I find it so therapeutic. Whether you have a cat or a dog or a rabbit like in my case, it's lovely when you can see them, give them a few treats and relax. It takes my mind of things for a while and really allows me to de-stress.

4) Pamper yourself.

One thing I always do when I'm stressed is give my skin a little pamper. This is a great thing to do as when I am stressed, I tend to break out, so giving my skin this extra boost always works well. I will do my normal skincare routine, but often throw in a face mask and they are a relaxing pamper essential. 

5) Do some activity books.

That might sound completely child like, but there are so many activity books on sale at the moment aimed at adults. Adult colouring books and list books as pictured above are extremely popular. I love this future listography book. You write a list for different topics, such as places you want to go or experiences you want to do, almost like a bucket list. I really like making lists and I think this is so cool.

That's my 5 ways, but if you have any be sure to let me know. Comment down below or send me a tweet @gabriellaftpll. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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