Monday treat // Buy 1 get 1 half price Superdrug Vitamin E range

I know. I know. It's Monday, and I'm doing a treat post. "Isn't that a Saturday thing Tamzin?" and "Wasn't your last post a treat post too?". Yes, is the answer to both those questions, BUT, I couldn't not tell you about this great offer on at the moment. And I'm sorry it's two similar posts in a row, but get excited, I have a good one coming up hopefully on Thursday!

Here I have the Vitamin E toning mist and the night cream from the same range. I have been wanting to try these two products for a while now, and while the offer was on, I thought I'd snap them up.

You can check these, and other products from the range out here -

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

Ps. You can follow me on instagram if you like - @tamzinlena . I've had instagram for years but the other day I deleted all my pictures and started again. I'm trying to take better shots and edit them well. Thankyou !!!


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