Saturday treat // My favourite MUA palette

Here goes, another Saturday treat post. Let me know what you think of these and whether I should keep them up!

This week's treat isn't a new one for me. However, I love it that much, and because it's finally autumn, I feel like I can now share it with you.

This is the MUA 12th night winter shades palette. And I have to say, as a palette obsessive, it is one of my all time favourites!!! It has a beautiful mix of dark, grungy shades and then more cool toned shades. It also has some warmer ones, so you truly can't go wrong with this palette. Especially as it only costs £4 too. What makes me love this palette so much is that it contains my all time favourite eye-shadow - yes, I did just say that - "All Spice".

It's the second one along on the bottom line. It is gorgeous. Just like all the other colours, it blends amazingly, while still being highly pigmented. It appears just like a regular brown in the pan, but when swatched or applied to the eye, it appears duo-chrome. It is almost a purple, with red and green undertones. Sounds strange, and not very appealing I know, but just you wait until you see the swatches!!!

The top row. All these swatches are done with just one rub and swipe. If that makes any sense.

The bottom row, second along is "All Spice". Unfortunately, as the picture is a still, the duo-chrome ness doesn't show, as it reflects differently in different lights.

I got this palette last year, in Autumn or Winter sometime. I was in superdrug, and they had some sort of offer on, spend £8 and you got this palette for free. I was planning on spending £8 anyway, as I was eager to pick up some new MUA things. I grabbed this palette as part of the offer, and it tuned out to be the best thing I got. Obviously that offer is no longer on, as it was last year, but at only £4, it's a steal.

You can buy it here -

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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