What's in my school bag/blazer?

I'm so sorry a post didn't go up yesterday. I had to deal with some technical difficulties with my blog, but I've finally got it all sorted.

I went back to school yesterday! So here is the contents of my bag, as well as my blazer, as I keep a fair few things in there too.

The bag itself is from Newlook. I usually go for a handbag style for my school bags, but this year I fancied having a rucksack as its easier to carry and all my handbags tend to break under the weight anyway. I really love the material of this bag, it is grey and padded. The back is leather and I just love the overall style. It cost £19.99.

In the front section of the bag I keep this small Michael Kors purse, which surprisingly fits quite a lot inside. I keep makeup essentials in here, things that if I didn't go to school wearing any makeup, I could apply easily. These are things I feel are essential, concealer, powder, mascara and a lipstick. The lipstick is a Rimmel Kate Moss one in 08. I also keep a small compact mirror in there for touch ups on the go.

A small notebook for whenever I think of something to jot down.

My lunchbox and water bottle.

My hairbrush, pencil case (From Primark, it cost £1!!!) and some sticky notes.

In the inside pocket of my bag I keep a snack bar. For times when I just want to have snack, or I forget to have breakfast etc.

Books, planners, notepads.

Folders for documents/loose sheets.

Now for things in my blazer. I have my pug purse, my keys, headphones, a bracelet and a name sign-thing, which a new teacher made us make so she could learn our names. Yes, I have capitalized and underlined the Z several times as all teachers in my school call me Tazmin or Tamsin. That is not my name!!! I also keep my phone in my blazer, but I was using my phone to take this picture so I obviously couldn't include it.

In my purse I have a lip balm, my bus pass and some spare change for it I need a drink, some food or I need to get somewhere on a bus. I walk to and from school so it's really just in case of an emergency or if I'm going to a friends. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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