5 YouTube channels you NEED to watch.

I watch a lot of Youtubers, I am subscribed to 73 channels. But. here are some youtubers/channels you may have not heard of, just ones I think are genuinely amazing, some of which have the best editing skills, some who are so hilarious and all who definitely deserve every subscriber they gain. 

1. Emily Canham

Emily is a beauty youtuber, mainly making videos surrounding makeup and lifestyle. Living with her boyfriend Jake (Jake Boys) in London, she also does great vlogs on her vlogging channel. She is gorgeous and her makeup tutorials are so good. Her videos tend to be shorter than 'typical' beauty gurus, which make them fun and snappy, while being easier to watch too. 


Main Channel - 197,897
Vlogging Channel - 79,974


2. Hailey Devine

Hailey makes the most beautiful travel videos, including ones from her trips to Norway, Disney Land and her recent service trip (with her followers!!) to Fiji. She is American, however her husband Brad is British, and they have a beautiful little daughter called Lucy. I really enjoy her videos as they are just stunning to watch, as well as truly heart warming. 


Main Channel - 34,884


3. Kathleen Lights

In my opinion, Kathleen does some of, if not the best makeup tutorials on YouTube. She has collabed with numerous companies to create makeup products of her own. Ranging from Lip sticks to cream eye-shadow, she literally is a Makeup queen. 


Main Channel - 1,407,152
Vlog Channel - 108,564


4. Mikhila Mcdaid / Miss Budget Beauty / Diary of a Spendaholic

One of my all time favourite Youtubers. Mikhila makes the best budget friendly videos - using products from lots of different stores to show you how they apply, and creating flawless looks for next to nothing. She is funny, kind and it truly shines through in all her videos! I love her long chatty videos, I love just listening to her ramble for about half an hour about her new favourite product and I get super excited when I see she has uploaded a video - her videos are the ones I get the most excited for. 


Budget beauty channel - 78,409
Diary of a spendaholic channel - 24,180
Style on toast channel - 3,397


5. The Michalaks

I think the Michalaks are the best vloggers on YouTube. Consisting of Hannah Maggs, a beauty blogger and Stefan Michalak, her editing-skills-on-fleek husband. They are both absolutely amazing at filming and editing, their videos are at such a high quality. Silky montages are a big part of their vlogs and rightly so, they make their videos even better. They are both so so so hilarious, and their son Grayson is so cute. I love their quirky, funny content such as 'Latte Art with Stef' and 'Chive Update'. Aswell as when they add subtitles to Grayson's mini rambles - they always crack me up. 


Main Channel (Family vlogs) - 204,647


I hope you enjoyed this post! It took a while but I enjoyed showing you some of the amazing content creators on YouTube!!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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