Autumnal clothing haul

I went shopping, and bought a few pieces of clothing, autumn themed, if you haven't already guessed because of the title.

The first place I went was Primark, and I just bought some socks, essentials really, and these were £2.50.

I then bought this jumper, again from Primark, in this lovely burgundy colour, for only £6.

It has quite a high neck, and it's rather slouchy. I went a size up as I like my jumpers oversized.

These jeans were only £10! They are high waisted, super skinny and soft, and very comfortable.

I think I'm obsessed with acid wash jeans.

The next place I went was Newlook, and I bought this camel coloured (I think) jumper for only £8. 

It's cosy and soft, and this colour, whatever it may be, it really on trend right now.

Next up is this skirt, again from Newlook. It's button down, or is it called button up? I'm not sure, but I love it. 

The pattern is so beautiful, and again a steal at only £10. It was meant to be £17.99, but it was on sale!

Lastly I bought these boots. I am honestly in love with them. They are black, so they go with most things, but the gold detailing just gives them that edge.

They have a small heel, nothing major.

They are from Garage shoes, but they are by the brand 'Johnny Curzon London'. I am not sure if garage shoes is a shop that is everything, but this ones in Meadowhall, in Sheffield, and they have a great selection of shoes at not bad prices. These cost £18, which I thought was great as they feel good quality. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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