Chill out time in Newquay + life chit chat

One thing that I love to do is go away with my family. Leave the common stresses of everyday behind and escape to a beautiful place. Wherever that may be it doesn't matter - as long as I am with my family.

As a family, we go away to center parcs about once a year. We usually go in October for my mum and brothers birthday or around half term, it is our annual autumn break. But this year we didn't go for their birthday for a few reasons, but eager to get away still - we decided to go to Newquay and push center parcs back a few months. We last visited Newquay in March. Neil's family live here (my step-dad) so we came to stay with them again. It is currently Friday night (this will go up tonight) and we arrived yesterday, staying until Sunday. My brother stayed at home, so it is just me, my mum and Neil here. I do miss it when my brother doesn't come, but now he is 19 it is understandable. I'm just not used to it I suppose, for the past 15 years he's always been there with me on our little adventures. In the summer, we went on holiday, again without Tyler because he stayed at home again, and I really felt his absence. Tyler and I are close - like I said, I was used to him being there, sharing a room and watching movies or whatever. Going swimming and exploring on the beach, but we've grown up now - And I guess I'm just trying to grasp on to the few family holidays we have left before we've both fully grown up and moved on. When we were in Rhodes in the summer I did feel really down for a lot of it - I was lonely and bored in the room by myself. I had no one else who was up for swimming in the pool for ages or things as such that your parents don't want to do for so long. Anyway, back to talking about Newquay.

Today, we went rockpooling by the sea and I caught quite a lot of shrimp, and a few fish.

I love being by the Sea. As I mentioned in my 15 facts about me when I started this blog, I love the sea, the beach etc. I love the crisp air and the food. Of course the food. Fresh juicy fish and chunky salt covered chips with lashings of vinegar drizzled over the top. And then of course Ben and Jerry's to follow, Phish food is my favourite, as you stroll down the cobbled streets pondering about what nick nak to buy next, staring into the windows peering at the eclectic mix of sea side goodies.

Hope you enjoyed this chatty post - let me know if you did. 

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