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I got the idea to do this blog post of Fleur De Force's recent video, recommend 10. I really liked the concept, however being the indecisive person I am I had to go with 12. So if you don't already know the idea of this video/post, it is to select some products that you would whole heartedly recommend to your friends and family and have done before. Enjoy!

The first thing I would recommend is this brush. This is the sephora cheekbone blush brush. I use this for contouring and it works like a dream. It applies the product evenly and because it is tapered it makes it super easy to do.

Often I recommend the Nivea express hydration primer so I thought it was time to share it with you guys. This primer, as the name would suggest, is super hydrating. It feels so refreshing and - hydrating to apply. It creates a gorgeous layer before you apply foundation.

This is the naked basics palette. I think this is a staple in anyone's makeup bag/collection. Having five matte shades and the shimmer makes it super useful. The matte shades come in handy with any look, used alongside a more intense palette. However because there is that shimmer, it makes it perfect for travel, especially because of it's compact size.

A base product I recommend is the Avon ideal flawless CC cream. This is great for less makeup days - it simply applies a light base, evening out the skin without doing anything to drastic. It also have SPF 50 which is amazing - the main reason I took this product abroad with me in the summer.

A cult classic from the drugstore - the Rimmel stay matte powder. You can't get better mattifying powders than this in my opinion, and I recommend this to friends all.the.time. Even if you don't have oily skin - which I don't, I have normal/dry, you will still enjoy it as it sets your makeup in place all day long. I can't rave about this any more, if you haven't checked it out already... go go go!!

Another brush I would recommend is the multi task brush from real techniques. This is great for powder, blush, bronzer.. It has many uses, again as the name would suggest. I think this another staple, again perfect for travelling. In general I would recommend real techniques. They are low cost, but amazing quality.

Mac lipsticks are my go to lipsticks, the formula is just unbelievable. The colour selection is also fantastic. I have two at the moment, cult classic Velvet Teddy and Modesty. I'm planning on getting more, I really like the look of Patisserie and Odyssey.

Models own nail polishes are nail polishes I rave quite a lot about to my friends. My favourite ever nail polish is called 'Champagne' from them. However this is not champagne in the picture as I couldn't find it. I have 3/4 nail paints from models own, all different formulas from different ranges and they are all amazing. I rate them so much.

People are probably bored of hearing about these, but seriously they are so worth the hype. The maybeline colour tattoos are excellent. High pigmentation, very blendable and stunning colour rang. What more can I say?

A bath/shower product now. This is 'Snow fairy' shower gel, which happens to be one of my all time favourite scents. Yes it feels lovely on the skin, but the scent here is what is most important. It smells AMAZING. If your not into sweet scents then you won't like this, but I urge you all to go and check it out.

I also really rate this Manhattan soft mat lip creams. These were actually recommended to be my friend and I have passed it on. I used to have a brown nude shade but that somehow got lost, but whenever I wore it countless people at school asked me what it was. I got mine off Amazon for really cheap.

The last thing I am going to recommend to you today is MUA palettes. I love these eye-shadow palettes. They are highly pigmented, blendable, yet so affordable. They may be one of the cheapest eye-shadows in the drugstore, but I think they are one of the best.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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