100 days later: A blog?! Revisited

Today my blog is 100 days old.

100 days later and I still love blogging, but a few things have changed, and I have learnt a few things too.

1. My blog's name. I started of as Tamzin Snelling, and stuck with that for the majority of my time. It was only ever temporary - Tamzin Snelling is my full name but I just didn't really like it. I wanted to start blogging and get a feel for it, before I decided on what my name would be. It's now Tamzin Lena. Lena is my middle name and it means a lot to me. Lena was the name of my nan, who has sadly passed away now and I miss her very much. I love the name Lena, having it, and incorporating it into my blog makes me very happy. I like to think my nan would love that too, being a part of me, not only with me having it as my middle name but having it as part of my blog too.

2. I'm trying to be more relaxed about blogging. At first, I was quite rigid on how and when I would upload, worried and stressed if I missed a day or whatever. Now, I tried to be more laid back about it, after all, is my main hobby, not a chore or a task I have to get worked up about if I don't complete. I do it when I feel necessary - I do try to make that regularly, but if I don't manage it, I don't try to be ahead of myself. I am busy, and this is what I love, but I can't let it take over other things that I have to do too.

3. I've realised how much I love writing. I think this one is pretty self explanatory, I've always known but more recently I've thought more about how I do truly wish to take this further and pursue such a career in it. I love writing, for articles, magazines, my blog, and it makes me super excited for the future to hopefully be a journalist one day.

4. I still have an obsession with makeup, and my blog has only developed that even further.

5. I love making new templates and changes to my blog. I'm sorry if that irritates you.

6. Oh, and the most frustrating thing about blogging is... LIGHTING!!! You gotta get that good lighting... or your'e f***ed.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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