How I styled: my button front skirt

In a recent haul post, I included a button front (I have now discovered that is what it is called, not a button down or button up) skirt. In all honesty, at first I had no idea how to style it. I'm not the most stylish person, I like wearing what I think is nice, what I like no matter the trends, and what is uncomfortable. It doesn't matter to me whether it's 'last season', just as long as it looks good, as I do find it hard to find things that truly suit me.

Anyway, I purchased this skirt because I wanted a skirt that looked quite autumnal and would look cute with jumpers and boots. I wore the following to outfit out to a Starbucks blogging date with my friend and thought it worked well.

I wore the skirt with this quite thin grey turtle neck jumper from primark. I got this some time last year in quite a few sizes too big, because I do often go for the baggy look over fitted things. (All the time actually). I wore brown tights - unusual and something I wouldn't normally do but it looked less harsh than black, and actually went really well with the autumnal themed outfit. The skirt was from newlook if you didn't catch my last post. (Autumnal clothing haul)

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like more of these 'How I styled:' posts let me know! It was fun to make. It encourages me to try outfit combinations I wouldn't have before and I love it.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


  1. Love this skirt, not seen a skirt with buttons all the way down before! I'm new to the blogging world so would love it if you checked my blog out>


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