I'm just a vintage soul

Another photo heavy blog post it is today but I do enjoy doing these photography type ones. Not only that, it's another collab with Izzy. Whoop whoop!! I hope you enjoy it. Go and check her similar post out, on her blog iizzyc.blogspot.co.uk! We went and had a mooch around some vintage shops in Sheffield.

Also, look how cute this bedding is in Primark?!

I'm talking about the paisley style one by the way, not Frozen ;) Though that is pretty cute too!

Whilst in Primark I bought a bag, but I am thinking of doing a what's in my handbag soon with it so I will show you then.

Sending my love to all in Paris, Lebanon and Japan this weekend after the awful tragedies.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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