My new favourite foundation + previous first impressions follow up

 I've made a breakthrough... and had a breakout.

I have found my new foundation, but in other news, the foundation I did my last first impressions on unfortunately broke me out. *sad face*. If you saw that post then you would have seen my first impressions were good - but as I continued to use it, my skin didn't react well and it did indeed break me out.

On a more positive note, this is my new favourite foundation. Foundation is something I struggle with so it's actually a pretty big deal that I have found one that finally works for my skin! It is the Collection naturally matt foundation and I love it! As the name would suggest it has a natural matt finish, more like a demi matt or a velvet finish. It just looks healthy, and fresh on the skin, without being too overloaded with glowiness. The problem I usually have with foundation is they either settle in to my pores, cling to my dry patches, break me out, dry out my skin even more or just don't sit right. This one does none of the above. It blends out smoothly, the colour is good, and I am in love with the finish. 

I have the shade ivory 2. This foundation is quite yellow toned - but I have neutral skin so I can get away with either pink or yellow toned foundations. 

Click on the link to Amazon on the side of my blog to purchase this foundation!

This foundation is really affordable and a great buy!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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