My thoughts: Newlook Lip Liners

I like these lip liners. At £1.99, you can't really go too wrong, they are great for lining your lips. They are not so great for applying all over the lip as they aren't that creamy, but for defining they are perfect. The colour selection is good, and overall they get a thumbs up from me!

The main reason I purchased these was because I wanted to find a good budget lip liner, which displayed the colour on the end so when they were stood in a pot you could easily see which colour was which. An odd requirement I know - but I was eager to display lip liners on my desk in a clear jar. I wanted them to look all 'matchy matchy' and nice while still being a great lip liner. I will continue to purchase these to further my collection.

I have a mid toned, almost barbie pink colour, a deep purply red and a nude. As soon as I swatched the nude, it reminded me of one of my all time favourite lipsticks - Mac's velvet teddy. The colour is very similar as you can see in the picture below (velvet teddy is the right), although the new look lip liner is slighty warmer toned. Because of this, it actually works really well with velvet teddy for a naturally defined lip line.

The only negative things about these lip liners are the fact they have no colour names and they are slightly drying, however for £1.99 they are great to collect... and wear of course!!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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