Blogmas day eleven // 5 things I do on Christmas day

Here are 5 things I do every year on Christmas day.

1. As soon as we wake up (As in me and my brother) we go into our Mum's room and open our stocking presents on her bed.

2. After that, we wait at the top of the stairs, before being allowed to come down and see our under the tree presents. We can't even peek until my mum shouts us, and when we go down we see all the beautiful fairy lights that my mum has draped over our gifts.

3. Eat nearly a whole selection box in one sitting. Oops. It's my regular Christmas breakfast though!

4. Then we have the huge Christmas dinner my mum makes, she always goes overboard!

5. Later on in the evening, we all sit round the table and eat cheese and crackers - whilst playing card games.

It's all the small things.

Seasons Greetings,
Tamzin xxx


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