Blogmas day fifteen // Any Christmas traditions???

Here are 10 things that as a family we do every Christmas:

1 - Hang mine and my brothers personalised baubles on the tree, which we have had since we were born. 

2 - Go to the cinemas for a festive day out around Christmas time, usually to see a Xmas film

3 - Go for a festive walk, either on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day.

4 - Ensure we go to bed before midnight on Christmas Eve. 

5 - Tyler, my brother, always wakes me up on Christmas morning

6 - We open our stocking presents whilst sitting on my mum's bed 

7 - Eat chocolate for breakfast on Christmas day

8 - Open a 'table present' before we begin our Christmas meal

9 - Make Christmas dinner together. Well apart from my brother, he never really helps. I always cross the sprouts/ (If you know what that is, good on you)

10 - Buy, prepare and eat way too much food! 

Seasons Greetings,
Tamzin xxx


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