Blogmas day five // Day1-5 of my makeup revolution advent calender

The other week, my mum bought me a really special present which was something I have always wanted since I got into makeup. That was a makeup advent calender. Being obsessed with makeup like I am, I have always found them intriguing and extremely exciting. So I thought it would be fun, if every 5 days or so I show you what I have been receiving and how I feel about them. And let me tell you, I have not been disappointed! I also think makeup advent calenders are great if you are just starting out with makeup as you get a wide range of different products which you can try at a discounted bundle price.

On day 1, I got a cute red nail polish, which I think is great considering the time of year! It's really festive and got me in the mood!

On day 2, I got a nude lipstick, which is super pretty! It is quite sheer but I like that, and I think it is a nice alternative to the go-to red at this time of year!

On day 3 I got a purple toned highlighter, which is so iridescent, it is amazing. I initially thought it was metallic eye-shadow, and I did actually use it as that, but then I came to realise it is a highlighter, and I can't wait to use it add some glow.

On day 4, I got a peachy blush, which is the most perfect barely there colour. I have been wanting a blush like this for a while, so I was so happy when I received it. It has a small amount of gold shimmer running through it which I think it so beautiful.

On day 5, I got a nude nail polish, which is again the most perfect shade. And again, I have been wanting one this colour for a while. It is a muted pink-brown shade, and I think it is a really good universal colour, as it would suit most people.

Which advent calender do you have? Leave a comment down below telling me, whether it has edible treats or not. I also have a me to you chocolate one, just because you need a bit of chocolate on these cold December mornings.

Seasons Greetings,
Tamzin xxx


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