Blogmas day four // My least favourite Christmas food

Earlier on in Blogmas I did a post titled 'my favourite Christmas food', and I said there was going to be a part two... So here it is! My least favourite Christmas food. Click here to read part one.

1. Sprouts

I. Don't. Like. Sprouts. So. Stop. Putting. Them. On. My. Plate. Mum.

It happens every year. Yeah, I understand sprouts are traditional and whatever, but I don't like them at ALL. I am always made to eat one on Christmas day however, just for either comedic or Christmas purposes.

2. Christmas Pudding

I think it tastes strange. The texture, the taste, the smell, everything about it I really dislike.

3. Mince Pies

Every year I try to force myself to like them. Over and over again I don't. I think to myself, maybe this year I will, but I never do. And surprise surprise, I will attempt to this year, and I bet you, I still will despise them.

4. Prawn Cocktail

I just hate Prawns. Full stop.

5. Twiglets

I actually like Marmite, but hate Twiglets. They just taste rotten and they smell really bad.

I hope you enjoyed this post, a shorter one, but I guess you can't really say to much about the foods you hate, you just hate the taste! Let me know your worst Christmas foods below, or did I mention any in my list that you love? Get excited for more blogmas posts, I have a few ol' hauls coming up, and my advent calender openings...

Seasons Greetings,
Tamzin xxx


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