Blogmas day fourteen // Monday treat // Maybeline 3 for 2 + Free gift

It's back. The return of the Saturday/Monday treats. Who's excited?! I definitely am. And this time, it is better than ever, and that is because, it is a festive edition. Well, almost. 

At this time of year, lots of brands come out with amazing deals. Lots of free gifts get thrown around, and the Maybeline one is something special. 

The Maybeline deal is: If you buy 3 things from the brand, you receive a 2 piece nail polish set. However, when you buy 3 things, one of them is free too because of the 3 for 2. So really, you are getting 4 products (5 if you count each nail polish) for the price of 2. 

This applies to all Maybeline products.

I got the following:
-Baby skin primer
-Fit me concealer
-Colour tattoo in Creme de nude

+the free gift in 'let it snow'

All these products totalled up to £14, which is amazing. However you could really make the most out of this deal by buying either really cheap things and getting the free nail polish for a lower cost or buying more expensive things but saving more. I went somewhere in the middle. 

I think that this Maybeline offer would make some lovely gifts, as you could put together a makeup bundle for a friend or relative.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and most importantly, you enjoyed the fact that the treats are back!

Seasons Greetings,
Tamzin xxx


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