Blogmas day nine // Trying to feel festive

I love Christmas. It is hands don my favourite part of the whole year. The build up, the songs, the food, the vlogmas', the parties, the gatherings, the celebrations... But for the last couple of years, the same thing has been happening. I just having been feeling that festive.

It's so hard! I wish I could. For the past 2/3 years, something or a few things have been happening, which has just put a damper on the mood. This year in particular, it was my mock exams, a few official exams and to be honest the workload at school. If you don't know, I'm in Y11, and to be frank, it is horrible. Not only has it been school, I haven't been feeling great in myself, I've not been excited about much, let alone Christmas. The funny thing is however, I got excited for Christmas. In November. Then I had my mock exams and then another load of rubbish things, and the excitement was drawn from me. It's not like I'm dreading Christmas or anything - when I think about it, I feel excited for a few moments, and then it just wears off. It actually gets me down, I really want to feel happy and Christmassy, but it's not working out for me at the mo! People have said to me that I don't feel Christmassy because I'm getting older, but it's not that. Like I said, I love Christmas, it's just numerous things that get in the way, and I suppose those things come hen you get older, so it does kinda make sense! When you are younger you only have to worry about Christmas and getting excited for it, not all the other random crap that comes along with being a teenager.

Enough of the complaining/ranting/moaning, because I'm certainly beginning to sound like some what of a Scrooge, and where's the fun in that? Let's get onto some ways that I'm trying to make myself feeling more Christmassy, and perhaps you could too if your not quite in the mood yet!

1. Blogmas. 

I know not everyone ill be doing this, but even if your not doing it yourself, you could read or watch other peoples. (Even if it is so hard to decide who's vlogmas to prioritise) I have really liked doing Blogmas so far, and taking pictures and researching different things for my posts has helped me feel more festive. 

2. Put the tree up whilst listening to Christmas songs

3. Paint your nails a festive colour

4. Watch a festive movie

5. Have a hot chocolate in front of the tree

6. Go on a festive outing with a friend (and eat christmassy food!)

8. Have a nice Christmassy snack from the comfort of your bed

These are just some quick, easy ideas which could help you get into the festive mood, if you're like me and haven't already!

Seasons Greetings,
Tamzin xxx


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