Blogmas day seventeen // Not today

I'm not doing a christmassy post today, because to be completely honest I am not in the mood.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, except this year, it hasn't been. I haven't had the happiest festive period, and I feel as if even though doing Blogmas is great, I may seem all Christmassy and merry, when really, I am not feeling like that at all. There are many things going on in my life at the moment - things to do with myself, school, home, whatever, it's generally everything, and moving past these things and attempting to make head space for Christmas is proving hard. Every single night, for the past 17 nights, I have been sitting down and writing a blog post. No pre written ones, each one I have typed just before I have published it. Every time I have done this, it may have lifted my Christmas spirits slightly, or distracted me from current on goings, but it's so hard to be fully involved with something when you are not fully there, if you get what I mean. Christmas this year hasn't not been all I expected it to be. In November, I was all for it. I was so excited for the festive period. Come December, that has completely done a U-Turn. To be blunt, Christmas could be cancelled and I wouldn't lose sleep over it. (Not that I am having much sleep at the Moment) This mind set will change in a few days, fingers crossed...  I don't want to sound like Scrooge, everyone knows how much I love Christmas, and it genuinely upsets that I am not in spirit, which isn't helping my happiness levels. I don't want my lack of Christmas joy to affect Blogmas - I like that I am putting out festive content everyday for my lovely readers to enjoy, and believe me, I am trying to get my festive fun on'. I would like to give a massive shout out to my amazing friend from She has been so good to me recently and I honestly appreicate it so much! Tomorrow, Xmas themed posts will resume and I'm sure they will be pretty good as over the next couple of days I have a lot of great Christmassy happenings! I'm sure this weekend will brighten my spirits, and hopefully if you are going through the same thing as me, it ill brighten yours too!

Tamzin xxx


  1. I am officially done with you being sad at your favourite time of the year! You are beautiful and kind hearted and you deserve to enjoy this time! Tomorrow you are coming round to mine with a bag full of make up in hand, a sexy poncho on and your body and I am gonna curl your damn hair! After we are gonna eat till' our bellies explode and then lay on my sofa in our matching Christmas Pyjamas watching ELF - your favourite Christmas films and we'll even have some festive friends, I'll buy you some!!! The next day, we are gonna we up late and I'll make you a strawberry milk and we'll bake before watching a film that is gonna make our throats burn, after all the giggles. I love you and you WILL feel happy!!! xxxxxxxxx


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