Blogmas day two // My favourite Christmas food

A food related blog post today, and what is better than Christmas related food? Not much!

1. Pigs in Blankets

My absolute favourite Christmas related food are Pigs in Blankets. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of pigs in blankets, they are small sausages wrapped in bacon that are served along side Christmas dinner along with all the other trimmings. And they are amazing!!!

2. Gingerbread

I love gingerbread! I love snuggling up on the sofa at Christmas time, eating fresh out the oven ginger bread biscuits while drinking hot milk. Mmmmm.

3. Yule Log

My favourite thing to have for desert on Christmas day. I do not like Christmas pudding, as you will find out in an upcoming blog post, but I love Yule Log. The chocolate and the cream is just so yummy, and I've spotted one in ASDA I've asked my mum to get this year which is Salted Caramel and chocolate flavoured. Can you imagine?! I'm so excited.

4. Heroes

Out of the four, Heroes, Celebrations, Quality Street and Roses, Heroes get my vote. Which get yours? Leave it as a comment down below and let me know! I just can't resist the cadbury's, they are so nice!

5. Festive friends

Again made by cadbury's, festive friends are the They are small bite size biscuits that are half covered in milk chocolate. They are so addictive, I end up 'accidentally' eating so many of these at Christmas time!

That is it for all my favourite Christmas food. Stay tuned around these parts for a part two of this post coming soon - all the Christmas food I DON'T like! Make sure to leave a comment down below telling me your favourite Christmas related food - I'd love to know.

Seasons Greetings,
Tamzin xxx


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