5 things 2016 has taught me so far

I just thought I would upload a little blog post while I am sat here thinking about a few things. I have really exciting blog post going up tomorrow, it is a collab with Sophie from the gorgeous blog http://ssophiehill.blogspot.co.uk/! I am really looking forward to this collab and I think you will all enjoy it too! Go check out her blog now before tomorrows cool posts go up!

Anyway, like I said, I was thinking about a few things and I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you a few things I have learnt in 2016 so far, bearing in mind we are only a few weeks in, but I did want to share what I have come to realise and how having a new year has made me think about things in a new light!

1. Bitching about others is so last year

I am currently in Y11, which means I have been at High school for nearly 5 years. In those 5 years, there has been a lot of bitching. Now I am Y11, with a fresh mind and the motivation (almost, blog post on this coming soon) to create plans for my future, bitching about people and having petty arguments is at the bottom of my agenda. There is no need for it! Not only does it upset the person who your bitching about when they find out (people always do!!) it puts a damper on your mood and results in you feeling a bit peed off.

2. To not listen to what negative things people say about you

If someone makes a nasty comment or a mean remark, please do not take it to heart. I used to do this, and trust me, it left me feeling like pure crap. Just brush it off the best you can, laugh about it, ignore it, it will make you feel so much better! Don't let people, who aren't even a good part of you life, say things about you that may hurt your feelings. If you don't consider them a positive thing in your life, why should you let their opinion matter? Surely it is irrelevant, and this is the mind set I have taken upon recently.

3. To treasure the little moments

To put down your phone for a while and appreciate the small things. Do something without snap chatting it or go somewhere without checking yourself in on Facebook. I know it is tempting to show someone what you are up to constantly, I do it too, but just try to relax a little more and be a little more spontaneous! However, if you do want to capture the little moments, or the rather big ones, I have the perfect idea for you. I have been doing this this year so far and I love it. You may have seen this idea floating around on social media but I thought I would share it too! What you need to do is make another snap chat account. I made one with my regular username, then added 2016 to the end. Once you have done this, log into your normal snap chat, and begin sending pictures of special or fun times to your 2016 account. At the end of the year, new years eve or day perhaps, log back into the 2016 snap chat account and open all the snap chats from your main account. You will be able to see your year over again and it will be so amazing to look back on all the great memories you have had.

4. To push myself more 

I am so excited about this one. This year is going to be the year where I push myself out of my comfort zone and see what I am truly capable of. I want to travel places, attend more fun things, be more adventurous. Quite a few of my friends are having fun physical parties this year for our 16th birthday, for example, tree top adventures and paint balling, and we would have never done something like that before. We are really going for it this year and I can't wait!

5. I need to be 16

I am going to be 16 in April, and I really want to be 16. Enjoy being 16. Do things that 16 year olds do. (I don't mean all the rebellious things, I just mean go out more and have more fun). I want to forget about all the things that hold me back and just be 16. It can't be that hard, can it?!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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