Tips for clearing out your makeup collection

Makeup is something I do love to collect. Having a lipstick in all ten shades from a new range at the drugstore or having a full Mac 15 pan eye-shadow palette (this post is coming soon, I promise) does bring me so much happiness, however, when it gets to a point where I am not using a lot of the products I have accumulated or I feel like it's time to get organised, I like to have a clear out. I have done this twice recently so I thought I would tell you some of my top tips for getting rid of makeup, where or who to give it to and general stuff that I feel is relevant.

Things to consider when sorting through makeup

Have I reached for this product in the last however long. For this one, it really depends how much makeup you have. If you have a couple of Alex drawers full (because I know most of you reading this will probably have the Alex 5 or 9 drawers) you should probably consider the past 2 weeks to a month. If you haven't used it in that long, will you ever use it? Will you ever need it? And if you did ever need it, could you ever repurchase it if you did get rid? For example, is it Limited edition or was it super expensive? If it was either of those things you have a bigger reason to keep it, but if not, is it really that necessary to keep clinging onto it? If the answer was no to the original question, just throw it out. If you hadn't used it in the said amount of time, you probably will never reach for it again, meaning you won't miss it or feel as if you have a said product shaped whole in your life.

A tip I would give to you if you are umming and arring about keeping a certain product is put it separate to your main makeup collection for a while, just like throwing it away. Sort of. This way, if you feel the need to reach for it, you can, and if you don't, you can get rid of it.

What to do with your unwanted makeup

If it's empty, throw it out!
If it's old, throw it out!
If it's something that would be unhygienic to give away, throw it out!

If it is none of those things, a good thing to do would be to gift your items to someone who may find good use out of them.

You could either:

-Gift them to a friend
-Donate them to a women's charity

Either one of these things would help the receiver in some way, and it can actually give you motivation to have a clear out every once it a while, as like I do, you may enjoy the feeling you get when giving a gift to a friend or donating something to charity.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, perhaps it gave you inspiration to have a new year sort out. You could even apply these tips to your wardrobe or your general bedroom mess. Just ask yourself the three main questions:

Have you used the said thing in a while?
Will you ever need it?
If you did get rid of it, would you be able to get hold of it again?

I always feel more relaxed when there is less clutter around me. Whether that is makeup, clothes, or just general 'stuff'.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

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