Top 10 holy grail products w/ Sophie Hill

Today is a very exciting day, I am collabing with the lovely girl Sophie who has the stunning blog,! We started chatting a few weeks ago and decided to collab, with the posts being our top 10 favourite ever products, i.e.. our holy grails. I absolutely love Sophie's blog, it is bloomin' gorgeous! Her look books are my fave, you should really go and check them out, as well as her other great posts too! Be sure to comment telling me I have sent you, I'm sure she would appreciate that! And of course follow her, and add her to your reading lists on blogger because I'm sure she would appreciate that!

If you are here from Sophie's blog, then hey! I'm Tamzin, I'm 15 (almost 16) and I have a blog where I talk about all things makeup and beauty! I also talk about mental health often, in the hope to help someone who might be struggling with similar issues to me. If you like the sound of this content, be sure to stick around and comment down below if you have been sent here by Sophie. I would also love it if you could follow me or add me to your reading list on blogger. It would mean a lot!

Aside from me telling you how wonderful Sophie's blog is, today's post is all about the products I consider to be must haves. These are my ride or die products, the products 'I couldn't live without'. I don't actually have a foundation or concealer included in this post as I tend to change those up a bit, I haven't found one that I truly believe is my all time favourite.

Lets begin!

The first product I am obsessed with is the lip gloss from the brand Model Co. It is in the shade 'striptease' which is a peachy pink colour with a soft golden shimmer running through it. It feels great on the lips as it is only slightly sticky. It is comfortable to wear and smells like strawberries and cream! You can find it here.

I also absolutely love this brow powder from Bare Minerals. I have mine in the shade 'medium brown' and it is a perfect match for my hair. It is a loose powder, and it creates a really nicely defined brow, whilst still looking natural. You can find it here.

My favourite lip balm is the benefit posie balm. It is beautiful. It glides on the lips so smoothly, and adds a touch of colour and plumpness, as well as a whole lot of moisture. It is rare to find a tinted lip balm that actually works, but believe me, this one does. You can find it here

Mac Velvet Teddy is my all time favourite lip stick. It is my perfect nude. It is matte, but it has a creamy formula, which makes it not drying at all. It goes so well with every makeup look, I just love it so much. You can find it here

Another staple in my makeup collection is a good pale shimmery eye shadow. I obviously love this one from the Rimmel palette in Brixton brown - I have hit pan! But any colour like this in general. You can find this palette here, but here are some alternatives, if you are wanting single eye shadows. 

Makeup revolution's 'base'.

Mac's 'nylon'.

Click the shades above to find out where you can buy them.

Another product I am all about is the Kiko Milano radiant touch creamy stick highlighter in the shade 100 gold. I have spoke about this multiple times on my blog, but I love it! It adds such a natural glow to the skin, which can be built up quite easily. You can find it here.

A brilliant drugstore mascara is the Maybeline Lash sensational. It is so worth the hype. It adds lots of length, as well as volume to your lashes, without being clumpy. It gives the effect of falsies, and lasts a really long time. 

More maybeline products I love are the colour tattoos. These eye shadow bases blend amazingly. I wear the colour 'creme de nude' from their matte range everyday under eye shadow for school, and the colour 'on & on bronze' when I want something more metallic. They are great primers, and they are so long wearing. You can find them here.

Moving onto skincare, my favourite face mask is the Superdrug witch hazel mud mask. It is so good for clearing your skin, helping to unclog pores and radiating your complexion. It has salicylic acid, which my skin responds well too. I included this in a skincare haul a few weeks back, and you can find that post here. You can find it to buy here.

My final holy grail product is a moisturiser from Superdrug. It is the vitamin E spf 15 radiance moisture cream. I use this every single morning and not only does it leave your skin feeling super soft, it adds radiance for under makeup and spf! I love this all year round, and I certainly recommend it to people I know. You can find it here.

That is it for my top 10 holy grail products! I have loved making this blog post and collabing with Sophie! It has been so much fun, and I hope you have enjoyed both our posts. To find her post, click on the link at the top which will take you straight to her site and it will be her most recent post. Alternatively, you can click her name anywhere in this blog post and it will take you straight there too!

I did a blog post a while back where I spoke about affordable holy grail products. If you want to read that, you can find it here.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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