The Pretty Little Liars Tag 2016

Today I thought I would do the PLL Tag. Being a massive fan of PLL, I am mega excited to do this. I have decided to change a few of the questions and add a couple of new ones in to make it more fitting for season 6B. Let's begin!

1. Who is your favourite liar?

I can't decide between Hanna and Spencer. If you asked me back in season 1/2, the early days, I would have said Aria. I love writing just like her and some people say I look like her (I'm not too sure). But she started to annoy me as she got fishier, and everyone expected her to be a part of the A gang. I began to love Hanna and Spencer for different reasons. I love Hanna because she is hilarious, her one liners crack me up and she is very determined and sassy. However, I love Spencer because I love her intelligence, her wit, her out to get A mantra and her multiple romances...

2. Who is your favourite couple?

Leading on from the last question, ones with Spencer in. If you asked me back in the day, I would have always said Spoby one hundred percent. But, now I have a confession. I am a hardcore Spaleb shipper. There is just something about them. The 'forbidden love' element, how much Caleb obviously cares for Spencer, the hot make out scenes...

3. If you could have anyone's wardrobe, who would it be?

My current wardrobe is the most like Emily's, very casual and quite plain, so I would probably go for hers as I would feel the most comfortable, yet I do love Hanna's, with her being the fashion loving one.

4. What is your favourite episode?

Here is my top 5.

5. 5x05
4. 2x12
3. 6x13
2. 2x25
1. 6x01

5. Who is your favourite PLL parent?

Ashley Marin, we can certainly see where Hanna got her sass from. But also her caring and loving side, as well as the do-anything-to-protect-anyone trait.

6. What is your favourite A message?

Merry Christmas Bitches, A (in fireworks for the Xmas episode)

Maybe he fools around with students all of the time. A lot of teachers do, just ask your dad. (I love how much of a burn this is.)

Bitch can't see you, but I do. Tonight's the night I kill you. (The rhyme just adds to the fear factor)

7. What has been the biggest shocking moment for you?

I think probably finding out Cece was A. I had thought it could be her but it still truly shocked me when she turned around to reveal her face. Also when Toby was revealed to be part of the A team, I cried. I also think the discovery of Mrs D's body was pretty shocking too. A few more moments that took me aback: When Mona killed Bethany Young thinking she was Alison, Bethany Young killing Marian and When Melissa admitted to burying Bethany Young alive.

8. Did you like that Cece was A?

I wasn't totally bothered either way. I would have preferred it to be someone else and for it to completely take me back, someone who no one ever expected. But then again I didn't mind, I do think the story has its interesting points.

9. Who would you have liked to be A?

Noel. I really wanted Noel to be A. And I have to say it, Wren would have made a lot of sense.

10. Who do you think the new big bad is?

I have a theory about Yvonne being the new big bad. She is a new character, and they have said it is someone we don't know. Also, in the a recent episode, the number 214 became significant again, and if you go back to episode 2x14, 'A' dropped their phone and the liars hack into it. In the same recent episode, Yvonne dropped her phone and Spencer/Caleb hacked into it. Clue? Also, Yvonne could have stole Emily's eggs as she may be desperate to get pregnant with her new fiancée Toby.

11. Who do you think will come back from the dead?

Mrs D.

12. Who do you think has a twin?


I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to do this tag and let me know if you do! I have also made a new instagram for my blog - @tlblogs where I post all blog related photos as well as exclusive makeup looks. You can on follow me on there and my twitter as always - @gabriellaftpll.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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