On Saturday, my blog reached 5000 views.

As you can see, I am crap at drawing.

As I am writing this on Wednesday night, I now have over 5100 views on my blog. Bearing in mind I hit 5000 on Saturday and haven't posted a new blog post since, is pretty crazy. People are beginning to view my blog when I am not even posting, which to me is so surreal. I remember when I first started blogging, and I would only get a few views per post and no body was that interested. People now could still not care about it, but from the numbers, it looks like things could be going quite well. However, it has never been about the numbers for me. You can see me explain that in my "1000" blog post, which seems so long ago now. Yet, I only hit that at the end of October, so, in 4 months I have times by viewership by 5 and I am pretty damn pleased. Like I said, it's not really about the number. It is what that number represents. It represents my growth. Not just as a blogger, but as a person. Someone who has changed a considerable amount and somebody who had learnt so much from writing posts on the internet about making milkshakes or autumn themed lipsticks. Its astonishing. Blogging has brought me friends, fun, adventure, love and comfort. It has brought me to realise the significance of your words and the significance of the internet, and more specifically, your internet presence. How I write, and how I put myself across in my long rambly posts is ME. It is not false nor fake or irrelevant words that I just write to sound like a certain person or gain viewers. It is words that come from my heart about things I feel passionate about, whether that be mental health or the newest eye shadow palette.

5000 is a number. A number that may seem small to you and big to me. A number that represents not only my growth as mentioned previously but all the people that read these posts. All the people that read and enjoy and leave a nice comment, all the people that I am so grateful for. This blog, TamzinLena, is an archive, a place where I talk about whatever the bleep I want, a place where I am me and nobody can tell me how I should talk, speak or feel. I am so thankful for blogging in general, it has changed my life. I am not using those words lightly, I genuinely mean it has changed my life. It has made me see things different and appreciate the small things more, as well as loving the inter webs and feeling lucky that I can open up whilst not having to have an awkward encounter with someone. Thank you, I'm not sure who I am really thanking, perhaps whoever invented blogging and the owner of blogger and my mum for birthing me and the guy who invented the internet and everyone who is reading this right now, for making me happier, just from blogging.

Here is some awkward shots of me trying to be arty.

Quote of the day:

I am going to leave it here or I will be typing and expressing my feelings for hours on end, rambling as I usually do. Just, thanks again, for the love, support and kind words. You, as well as my blog, has changed my life. So thanks. You're pretty cool.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

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Thank you.


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