First impressions: Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick (Review)

I am going to start a new series on my blog where I do mini first impressions/reviews on new makeup products I get my hands on. The first product I am going to talk about is the Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick in the shade Scorpio. I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding Jeffree Star at the moment, however this review is purely based on the actual product, it has in no way been affected by his actions. I know a lot of people are curious about what the actual products are like without people going on about the drama, so that is what I thought I would do today!

Starting with the formula. I can't really speak much about the lasting power, however when I tried it on, I ate chorizo pasta (very oily) and chocolate cake and it did wear off in the center, but to be honest, to say I had oil, it held up decently. The thing is with this lipstick is that they don't ever fully dry own - meaning they aren't transfer proof. Some may see this as a negative, but because of this they are a lot more comfortable to wear, and aren't really that drying. There is no over bearing scent, they kind of just smell makeupy.

Moving onto the packaging. The applicator is a standard doe foot. It has more of diamond shaped flat surface, which makes it easier to apply. I feel like if I had used a lip liner I would have done a better application, because it is a dark colour. The packaging itself doesn't really have that "luxury heft" to it, however it doesn't feel cheap, it must be well made. The style of the packaging is cool and quirky, it definitely reflects the brand. I love the rose gold typing on it, and the pink adds a pop of fun.

I actually really love the colour. It is something different for me, I usually stick to my nudes or light easy to wear colours. I thought as I was purchasing something from quite a diverse brand, I ought to try one of the more hip colours. You can get your standard nudes anywhere, so I thought it would be good to branch out. Now I have tried this, I am tempted to get a more wearable colour so I can wear it on a more regular basis. The colour of the sticker on the box shows Scorpio as much more purple, however the colour in the bottle reflects the actual colour swatched/on the lips pretty well. It is more of a grungy grey with a hint of purple. It is very pigmented, you do not need a lot. You can literally put it on the top lip, press your lips together and it will have completely covered your bottom lip too. A little tidying up may be necessary, but it so easy in my opinion!

I paid £16 for the actual lipstick, off beauty bay, as Jeffree Star has landed on their website. I love beauty bay, they offer free delivery over £15, but me and my friend put our orders together and paid £1.25 each for next day delivery. (It's £2.50). Also, don't be worried if the postman doesn't bring them, as beauty bay works on a courier service.

Overall I am really impressed with this liquid lipstick, it is the most comfortable one I own. It's a gorgeous, different colour. I would buy another one.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I enjoyed making it, sat on the train on the way to London.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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