Why turning 18 scares the crap out of me

It’s well into September of 2017, which means only one thing. The school year I turn 18. What I mean by this is it’s the start of people who I grew up with, went to school with, am friends with, turning 18. This scares me greatly. Most people can’t wait until their 18th birthday. They can’t wait to “legally” be able to do all the things they have wanted to do and have been doing anyway since they were 15. Me, well I’m shitting it.

I am not a big partier so the whole “going out” thing doesn’t bother me too much. Yes, I will now and then, but it’s not something I’m desperate to do. There are so many things that terrify me about turning 18, here a few.
·University. Do I want to go? Do I not? ·What am I doing life wise for that matter? ·Adult prices of things (boo hoo) ·Pressure. I ain’t a kid anymore. ·Where have all the years gone? Can I just press restart? ·More on that matter, I felt like I wasted my teen years for so many reasons. That makes me sad, and I feel like turning 18 signifies a…

Making a return

Hello! Gosh it's been a while, and blumming hell, a lot has happened.

The past is the past so lets not dwell too much. I'd say new year new start but the new start to this new year has been pretty shit so far. Think being ill, loosing a family member, and dealing with a (kind of) break up...

Talking about dealing with stuff, that brings me on too what I want to turn my blog into for the foreseeable. I was lacking direction and thus lost motivation. Well, I thought of an idea to do a "dealing with..." series, and speak about a whole lot of issues. I've got a lot on at the moment so what better to do than chat about it all here for all to see? I'm hoping you'll be able to take things from the posts, and the main favour I've got to ask you is, to well stick around, and send me suggestions for anything you'd like any advice on! (and pls sub to my youtube channel too, thanks. It's Tamzin Lena)

Thankyou for your continued support even when I'm not around, I love you!

Bye for now,

Tamzin xxx

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