Saturday treat // Buy 1 get 1 half price on Maybelline

Who remembers when I used to Saturday Treat posts? It's been a while, so credits to you if you've been around that long. I used to find good deals in superdrug or boots on beauty items, and share my finds with you over my blog. They were my favourite kind of posts to do, so I thought I'd resurrect them and show you my latest picks. 

the deal in question is the maybelline buy one get one half price. I love these sort of deals as it's not as big of a commitment or splurge as the general 3 for 2, but it still allows you to get something significantly cheaper than its RRP. 

First of all, and the most expensive item of the two, making it the one I paid full price for, was the master strobing liquid in Light/iridescent. I've been wanting this for a while as it has been compared to the Cover FX drops, which are gorgeous, but at £34, expensive. This product retails for £6.99, making it a bargain if it is similar. It comes in two shades, the other one is of a warmer tone with a more bronzy vibe, which would be perfect for people who have a darker skin tone than me. Here are some swatches.

The glow is beautiful! The formula feels creamy and not chunky at all, and it seems as if it can be applied lightly for a subtle glow or built up for a more intense look. I haven't tried this on my face yet but I am dying to, I love a good liquid/cream highlighting product, as they work amazingly layered with powders on top, for that real OTT glow. (which I live for)

The second product I got was the 24 hour colour tattoo in Creme de Rose. It is the most lovely muted pinky tone, and it glided onto my hand so effortlessly when I swatched it. I spied this in a friend's drawer, and knew I had to purchase it, as I am in love with this colour at the moment. I love the colour tattoos already - I had 4 already. They are one of my favourite makeup products of all time. The stunning wash of colour they provide for a simple get up gives you that "I tried but you can't tell" look. They also perform wonderfully as bases for any powders you may put on top. This post is all about layers. Layerrrrrrs.

Okay so now for the swatches!

The formula of the colour tattoos can vary from shade to shade, however this one is truly great. Some are more chunky or dry than others, but this one is so smooth and creamy. It's probably one of the best. They retail for £4.99 each, but because of the offer I got it for £2.49! Bargain! Here it is compared to the other shades I have. 

From top to bottom: On&on bronze, Creme de nude, Eternal gold, Fantasy and Creme de rose. 

I loved doing this old style post, it really reminded me of when I first starting blogging, and the love I will always have for it. I stripped it back, I even just used my iPhone for the photographs liked I used to. (iPhone 6+ for reference.) 

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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