Sunday treat // Buy one get one free on selected Real Techniques

Hey hey! Don't you just love a good ol' treat post? Today's post certainly lives up to previous ones in the terms of excitement and bargainess (if that's a word). Let's get on with it.

Real techniques make some of my favourite brushes, so when I saw they had a buy one get one free deal on I had to grab some. I ended up picking up the sculpting brush and the blush brush. The sculpting brush is a dense "buffing" style brush, whilst still being incredibly soft. I can imagine this being perfect for foundation or cream contouring. I picked this up initially for my colourpop highlighter, as I wanted something synthetic and dense, as the highlighters have a weird creamy powder consistency. On second thought, it might be a bit big, so I'll probs use it for the other uses I mentioned before. I really want the setting brush - I think that would be perfect, but it is always out of stock. I'm desperate to get my hands on it.

The second brush I picked up was the blush brush. I have the multi task brush which is pretty similar and I love it so much, so I know I'll like this too. This one is slightly more tapered to a point, the hairs are longer but no less soft. That's something I love about these brushes, they are so so soft. I think this will be another multi tasker, it looks perfect for bronzer, blush, powder, and more!

These brushes are around £10 each so getting one for free is an amazing deal. I'd really recommend taking advantage of this fab offer. I also got 20% student discount as they've doubled the student discount for a limited time. Even better.

I also picked up some of the mini sponges whilst I was there too as I've been wanting them for ages. Note: they aren't included in the deal sadly.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Make sure to run out to your local superdrug store or order online to get some of these lovely brushes.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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