Let’s talk about content creation on holiday

There’s nothing better than having the opportunity to escape your day job and break free for a short while. For me, whether that’s a weekend away or a summer vacation, it’s always welcome. My problem is however, I have jobs that don’t just require the 9-5 malarkey. Yes, I work 9-5(.30) in an office, but I also have my blog and YouTube channel which suck up any free time I have. I don’t call it a job, more a labour of love.

I wish I could go somewhere and just completely, utterly, switch off. However, when I’m away, it’s the perfect time for content creation. I can make nice videos in hotel rooms and take pretty pictures of pretty scenery. I would hate to miss up on this opportunity.
This weekend coming, I am off to Center Parcs with my family. We go every 12-18 months, and it’s my favourite place in the world. I feel relaxed, I have so much fun with my nearest and dearest, and I feel safe and secure and fuzzy inside.

Funnily enough, because we haven’t been for 18 months, I haven’t actually been whilst I have done YouTube, meaning I have never vlogged there. I have been saying since we booked it I can’t wait to capture it on camera as we have been so many times, but not whilst I’m a “vlogger” as I am now I guess.

I can’t wait to record it to show you all my favourite place but at the same time I am worried. It’s our family time and I never like to over use my phone, I always try to just chill and take step back. In the past week my head has been spinning with ideas on videos I want to do and pictures I want to take. But why? I never have before (maybe that’s why I want to) and that’s not what Center Parcs is to me. I am only going to be there for 2 and a half days and I want to make the most of it.

I have decided to restrict myself to the following:

1.       Lookbook / fashion video for Autumn filmed around the Park
2.       One video filmed in my room there as I love the background (undecided on what this will be)
3.       1 blog post (a good un) and some nice photos for Instagram (just as we are going round the park, nothing too “staged”)
4.       My usual weekend vlog (nothing too in your faces (or in my family’s faces), just some nice bits n clips)

Typing that out, that sounds a lot. We shall see!

We are actually going to go back in April for my 18th birthday, meaning we are only leaving a 6 month gap this time. So anything I don’t do content wise this time, I suppose I can then.

I know for sure I am going to take a step back from social media for the weekend. I will snapchat odd things (tamzinlena on snap) and instagram probably a fair few times too, but I don’t want to become all consumed by it. I want to barely touch my phone except for vlogging this weekend. (We shall see again)

I hope you enjoyed this post and this random rambley chat about stuff that you probably don’t care about! I just thought I’d share what’s on my mind.

Bye for now,

Tamzin xxx


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