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He loved sonnets

This is one of my favourite quotes. I think it explains so much about human behavior, and can be pretty much applied to any situation.

It's sad, that this is how people are.

They show you they love you, but sometimes that's too much. Yes, too much. They do something so often that it's obvious that they aren't doing it to show affection, they're doing it because they enjoy it, or they are doing it for their own image.

I've dealt with this before. I'm going to tell you a very long story, in a very short way.

Let's call him G (Not his initial)

G told me he loved me. So many times. He told me he thought the world of me, too often. He told me our bond was irreplaceable, on numerous occasions, to the point these just became words. Words that could be poetically drafted into a pretty flow of a sonnet, but just words either way.

When someone says something over and over again, they are often trying to do one of two things:

1. Convince you of something
2. Convince themselves of something

Now I am not so sure what his intentions ever were. Whether he truly felt those things for me, or whether he was trying convince himself he did.

Or actually, none of the above.

G was selfish, and cared greatly about looking good and getting to the top.

And this was why I think he said the things he did. To look nice.

He didn't love me (or maybe he did)

He loved having someone, being comfortable, having a laugh. And that's why he used me, because he could.

But he didn't love me (or did he?)

Because if he loved me, he wouldn't have hurt me

He loved sonnets


Vieve protein water review

I want to start off this post by saying, no, I ain't no fitness junkie, even though I wish I was. I wish I was one of those people who has all the energy in the world, performs yoga on the daily and goes for multiple sprints a day. But I am not one of them, sadly, but that doesn't meet I should neglect my body of essential nutrients to help it repair after I do any kind of activity. (I do do some exercise, I promise)

When contacted by Vieve asking whether I wanted to review and chat about their protein water, I was was initially flattered (thank you so much!) but also had "second thoughts" I guess. I always assumed protein supplements were for muscly macho men who spend all their time in a gym. I didn't think they were for average people like me, who fit exercise in round their busy, working lives. However, after doing my research, I was proved wrong.

First of all, there are many reasons why people could and would want to add extra protein in their diets. For example, my mum is a vegetarian and can struggle to get suitable proteins into her diet. These waters are a quick and easy way to do so, they have a range of cool flavours, and each bottle contains 20g of the good stuff. To me, that's pretty awesome. The fact someone can so easily supplement something they find hard to naturally add in their diet so efficiently, is honestly so great.

Before I go onto all the other fabulous benefits of Vieve, I want to talk about my most favourite thing about the brand.

Vieve donates 1% of their profits to MIND - a charity very close to my heart. MIND is a mental health charity, which operates to help all kinds of people who suffer with mental health problems. I think the fact Vieve have made such a pledge - is a reason to talk about and showcase their lovely products. As you know, and as the founder of Vieve actually spotted, I talk a lot about mental health on my channels, so working with Vieve to tell you about their drinks was a perfect match. You can hear more about their pledge here -

So, why is it important to add more protein into our diets?

Whether you do a lot of exercise or not, it's important that you make sure you're getting enough protein. Protein is essential for growth and repair, particularly the growth and repair of our muscles, bones and organs. With no sugar or fat, these drinks aren't unhealthy like many "sports nutrition products", they simply provide you with the protein you could be lacking.

Check out this amazing article from Mind Body Green, it shares 7 signs that you're not getting enough protein, and it may surprise you...

I hope you enjoyed this post. I actually loved doing all the research for it, it was so fascinating to find out so much I didn't know about the benefits of adding protein. I would highly recommend these waters for anyone, whether you don't do much fitness, are a gym lover or are just wanting to increase your protein intake. Let me know your thoughts!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

**products were sent to me free of charge. In no way shape or form does that influence or shape my opinion

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