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18 things to do before I turn 18

I turn 18 on the 28th of April 2018 (3 months time!) and here are 18 things I want to do before then. - Have a social media detox - Do some sort of fun run - Get over it - Save money for summer - Learn how to do laundry properly. I always forget how to use the washing machine. - Re connect with people from my past - Go to a theme park - Read a fricking book - Go to Lucky Fox in Sheffield, I've been dying to try that place for ages - Get fit - Do a few more "blogger" shoots with my friends - Have my nails done professionally (never had them done before!!) - Cook a really good meal for my family - Achieve 1,000 subscribers on  YouTube - Achieve 100,000 blog views on my blog - Find my style more - Watch at least 2 of the Netflix series on my list - Be happy I hope you enjoyed my list. What would you add? Bye for now, Tamzin xxx

Travel Anxiety: My experience

I get anxious a lot.  Whether it is related to travelling, or something completely different, I experience that feeling of my stomach clenching, an overwhelming feeling of nausea and constantly being on edge a lot. If you suffer with any kind of anxiety, you'll understand, that sometimes you feel like this for no reason at all. That's what anxiety is.  A lot of people often say, what's the difference between being nervous and experiencing anxiety?  It's quite simple, one is rational, and one is completely irrational.  This means that typically, you can exactly justify why you are feeling nervous. You may have a test coming up, or you may have to speak in front of a large crowd. That's being nervous. What can make that anxiety is if you over think it so much you end up creating impossible scenarios in your head.  Anxiety is irrational. Anxiety is the feeling you get and you can't think of a reason why. You just feel anxious. Worried. Scared.

Why #SmallYoutubers are important | YouTube Partner Program demonetisation

It's a hot topic at the moment. Yesterday morning, it was announced that YouTube was to demonetize all "small channels" which have less than 1,000 subscribers and/or less than 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months. This is being linked to part of the response to Logan Paul's latest antics. The only thing I can compare it to is you remember when you were at school, and their was that one naughty child who would always play up, and get the rest of the kids in trouble? The whole class would get detention even though it was only one person's fault. This. This is how it feels. Except YouTube is the teacher and Logan is the naughty kid. It's. Not. Fair. And before you say it, because believe me I have heard this accusation about 1,000 already, it is NOT about the money. Most small YouTubers make nothing. Zilch. Zero dollar from YouTube. It's a labor of love, passion and commitment. Some people do, and this would have affected them in this w

So, you're starting a blog, what you do and don't need! Talking cameras, domains and lighting

I often see posts for new bloggers advertising cameras of all sorts and I think, that is not completely necessary. I didn't get my first camera until April of 2016, after shooting on my phone since the August before when I first started blogging, and if I'm being honest, not all my photos are taken with it anyway. My camera is a decent camera, however, I find my phone did a pretty good job before, and after. I still use it now to take pictures because I like the ease of just sending them to myself and opening blogger and them being there. It's not much more of an inconvenience to use my camera, however I just find my phone is just as good. Admittedly, my phone is one of the newest iPhones (the 8 plus) so it does have a really good camera. My camera has a megapixel of 18 where as my phone is 12, so not too much less. I own the camera predominantly for filming, and I recently got a camera for vlogging too, which I think I might use for blogging more. I guess wha