So, you're starting a blog, what you do and don't need! Talking cameras, domains and lighting

I often see posts for new bloggers advertising cameras of all sorts and I think, that is not completely necessary.

I didn't get my first camera until April of 2016, after shooting on my phone since the August before when I first started blogging, and if I'm being honest, not all my photos are taken with it anyway.

My camera is a decent camera, however, I find my phone did a pretty good job before, and after. I still use it now to take pictures because I like the ease of just sending them to myself and opening blogger and them being there. It's not much more of an inconvenience to use my camera, however I just find my phone is just as good.

Admittedly, my phone is one of the newest iPhones (the 8 plus) so it does have a really good camera. My camera has a megapixel of 18 where as my phone is 12, so not too much less. I own the camera predominantly for filming, and I recently got a camera for vlogging too, which I think I might use for blogging more.

I guess what I am trying to say in this post is, you don't need a fancy blogging camera, with the right lighting, composition and products, you will be good to go.

One thing I do recommend getting however, is a set of studio lights. I can't tell you how much of a difference these make. Just look at this.

Which can then create a picture like this..

Even if your camera is not of amazing quality, studio lights can make all the difference. I got mine from Amazon for about £50, and I recommend spending that initially before putting that towards a camera.

The way I think of it is that without a camera, you can get buy using your phone, but without studio lights, if you don't have decent lighting, then you're kinda fluffed. Having decent lighting makes your photos look a lot more professional!

As you can also see, I literally used a storage box which had a marble back as my flat lay background. #bloggerhacks. That's another thing, you can literally improvise and make some amazing back drops. Pretty bedding is a classic. I want to get some back drops soon as I want to experiment more with recipe posts, so I'm hoping to find ones that suit my needs.

The photos above were taken on my phone, and I am more than happy with them. As mentioned, I still use my camera, but I like to use my phone as most of my insta pics are taken that way and I think I like that approach to social media, and life in general. As you'll know well, I ain't your picture perfect blogger, so I do enjoy taking a more relaxed stance and not feeling pressured to make sure my pictures are ah-mazing all the time. I like posting random photos on here, whether their in portrait or landscape I don't care, I just like sharing snippets of my unstructured life. I think it's more real, and like a photo diary for me. Anyway, that's a serious tangent.

Blog post will be coming on the Tarte stuff by the way!

One thing I would whole heatedly recommend buying is your own domain. They aren't that expensive, something like £10 a YEAR! So affordable and it makes all the difference. Working in marketing, if I am looking at blogs and bloggers, it looks so much more pro if someone has their own domain, as well as the fact you can find out the domain's authority and the page authority. If you have .blogspot or .wordpress in your link, it takes the DA of those sites (Blogger and Wordpress) not your own. If you post a lot and really want to go at it, I'd say do this 100%.

If you want a part two of this post where I talk about more things you do and don't need as a blogger, such as other equipment, products and gear, do let me know. I'd love to speak about me finally getting a Macbook and other things I have invested in over time, but this post is getting hefty so I'll leave it here.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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