23 random questions

As you know, I have recently enjoyed doing more personal posts and things that I typically wouldn't talk about. I thought that today, I would answer 23 random questions, completely honestly, so you could maybe discover something that you didn't already know about me. Feel free to pick a question and answer it in the comments, or if you have you own blog you could answer these yourself! I am going to do a part 2 to this post, but those questions are going to be "deep", where as these are more lighthearted!

1) 3 turn offs

- selfishness
- smoking
- people who take them selves too seriously.

2) 3 turn ons

- people who aren't afraid to say how they feel
- smiley people
- laughter

3) phobia

mice & rats

4) celebrity crush

sam clafflin

5) do you smoke/drink?

i don't smoke, never have, but i have consumed alcohol.. numerous times

6) favourite movie

wild child

7) name

tamzin lena snelling

8) fave band

scouting for girls / coldplay

9) fave music artist

florence and the machine + so many others

10) embarrassing memory

when i thought i had already put my shorts on for PE in primary school, but i hadn't, so i walked into the hall in a top and pants

11) last thing i ate

cadbury's creme egg pot of joy thing (they are insane!!)

12) last text received

"it does my box in"

13) 4 things you hate

- hypocrites
- ear wax
- pins and needles
- mixed signals

14) 4 things you love

- laughing
- bonding with people
- food
- finding a song that reflects your current emotion

15) random fact

i have never broken a bone

16) 3 people you miss

- my old best friend
- my internet best friend
- a close friend i met through YouTube who lives in the US

17) tattoo you want

there's a few, but the ones i want first include a taurus symbol on my finger, a wave on my arm, some song lyrics on my shoulder, and some forget me not flowers, also on my arm

18) a regret

wasting too much time on the wrong people

19) an 11:11 wish


20) craziest thing i've ever done

i guess i'm not that crazy

21) your fave colour


22) nickname

looby / looby lena by my mum

23) fave author

jennifer niven

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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