How to take photos for your blog (of yourself) without a photographer

I decided a little while back that I wanted to take more photos of me for my blog. Because I am vain. I am also sarcastic and that was a joke, it's because I think they give a more personal look and feel to the site. Something I struggled with was taking photos by casual photos by myself, so I thought I'd share my top tips on snapping those perfect "stock block images". If you're a blogger, you might get what I mean. You probs won't though because I just made that phrase up. Essentially, it's just basic images of you that you can use in future posts, like stock images. I take them in blocks so I can use them over time. Now we've established that, allow me to share a few examples and a little bit of advice.

All of the above photos were actually just taken on my iPhone 8+, and that's my first point. Not all your fashion shots need to be taken with a big ass camera, a decent smart phone can just do the trick. I love my phone, because I think portrait mode can produce some smashing images.

Self timer is always helpful. Again, all of these apart from the bottom right, were taken by myself with a timer. The bottom right was actually taken by my mum. I have no shame in the fact I sit in my room and pose for a while until I get the right shot. No shame at all.

Getting your lighting right is key. Natural daylight is the best for blog photos in my opinion, however studio lights can do the trick if needs be. I don't really use lights for the images of me, but I do use them for product shots as they make all the difference.

I think my general top tips would be:

- practice your poses
- optimise daylight
- find clean / nice looking backgrounds that match your blog's aesthetic
- edit them all relatively similar if you do edit, so all the images on your blog have a general flow
- use a decent camera (like I said, the iPhone is fine, but I rely on portrait mode which is 7+ onwards only)
- use self timer
- shake them up so they don't all look samey samey

I hope this post is helpful, and if you want to see anymore "behind the scenes" posts, do let me know.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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