Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I wanted to do a post to remind you that it is okay if you are single or without a beau. I am asked more often than not if I am with someone, (I don't why this is such a general assumption) mainly in real life but on the internet too, and the answer to that is no. I don't have a boyfriend. I have seen people recently but nothing concrete, and that's okay. (Ish, I am not going to pretend that I don't cry about it on a weekly basis)

Valentine's Day is a weird one. I love any kind of occasion, so I am not bitter or petty towards anyone in that way, but it is hard not to feel kind of down when everyone around you is so loved up, and you might not be so lucky. Whether this be because you have just gotten out of unhealthy relationship or you are struggling with your feelings for someone, Valentine's Day can trigger a lot of issues within someone who is currently feeling that kind of heart ache. Also, even if someone does have a partner, but they can't be with them for whatever reason (long distance relationship, family disapproval or they work away for example) this can also be difficult for them. 

It is so hard to write this post because I am trying not to get it caught up in my present feelings. I guess the whole point of this was to, just remind you that if you are single, it is fine, and Valentine's Day can still be fun and enjoyable, it doesn't have to be tinged with bad memories or bad people. Go out and enjoy yourself, or stay in and watch your favourite film, or just have a good cry (trust me, it helps!) Check out my post I did on The Growing Up Guide, all about things you can do if you are single on Valentine's Day

You may be physically alone, but you are never alone! If you do happen to feel that extra pang of loneliness on the lead up or on actual Valentine's Day, speak to someone! Whether that me a friend or family member, find someone that you think will understand and have a good chat. It is always nice to have an outpour of feelings. And if you can't do that, buy some Ben and Jerry's. I ain't judging. I may join you. 

Additionally, if you have feelings for someone, tell them! Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to do so. You might just get the response you wanted. (insert how much of a hypocrite I am here because there is no way I am declaring my love for anyone tomorrow) 

I hope you liked this post. To be honest, it was more for me. I do enjoy writing more personal posts as it gives me a kind of outlet for any feelings that I am currently, ya know, feeling. I try not to give too much away but it still feels good to put some of it out on a page. - 

I'll tell you on thing though, I do often feel "Unloveable". This jumper was pretty fitting. 

I am going to share a tip with you, and it is something I have done before. It's not Valentine's specific, but it may come in handy around this time. Write a letter. Write a letter to the person you wish you could pour your heart out to but can't for whatever reason. Seal it, and don't give it to them. Hide it, burn it, trash it, it doesn't matter. The fact you have written down on a page everything that you feel, can really help you reflect upon the situation. I mean - you can give it to them if you want, but I ain't that confident. I just keep it to myself, and I still feel as if I have said everything I want to say without causing a stir. 

Bye for now, 
Tamzin xxx


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