It's FINALLY Spring! | Feeling productive, and pro-active

Wasn't that the longest Winter of our lives?

I can't believe it is finally Spring.

It's actually crazy that it is already the 20th March and we have had no glimmer of Spring. 2 years ago, I posted a blog post, named Spring Things, and by the time it was published on March 27th, it had already been Easter, Flowers had sprouted and the Weather had picked up. This year, we've had snow blizzard after snow blizzard, I can't remember what the sun looks like and I am desperate for those longer and brighter days.

One thing that is making my dull mornings a little cheerer is breakfast.

I have to say, it's an expensive habit to have, but eating breakfast out a few times a week has done wonders for my pre-work morning mood!

Finding great breakfast spots and eating (of course) sets me up for the day perfectly. First of all, I am excited to leave the house, the WiFi is often great (and free) and I get the energy out of it. Oh, and I can take cute photos like the one above.

I often have time to kill in the mornings so this is a great way to pass it. I find myself being productive most of the time too, whether that be by editing a video or pictures, writing blog posts or organizing content. Often in these kind of cafes, a lot of people are there for the same reason too, so the atmosphere is perfect! Some days I watch YouTube videos, but that doesn't matter...

Finding your muse is key to getting productive, and I think my early breakfasts and an initial boost of work energy is mine. I never thought I was a morning person - but recently, it is where all my energy is at. I crash as soon as I get home in an evening - but in a morning prior to work I am all go.

Have you ever considered waking up earlier to do something like this? Find a favored spot and get your creative juices flowing? It has definitely made a difference in regards to me getting out a rut. You could work, chill, read a book, and overall feel more ready for the day ahead!

I am going to leave this here before I ramble too much - but I am so excited to get back into blogging and sharing some super fun content with you all! April is going to be a crazy (but very exciting) month and I have so much planned, which I will definitely share over here, so stay tuned!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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