Last minute Easter Gift Ideas

If you know me, you know I love gifting. I love buying presents, I am sure I have spoken about this before on my blog. I find it so exciting. I would much rather spend my money on others - I get more satisfaction out of seeing other's reaction than I do by just buying pointless stuff for me.

Any excuse I have to buy presents I will. Now that Easter is just around the corner, it is the perfect time to find some cute little gifts for the best people in my life, my friends and family who deserve some treats!

Let's get the obvious out of the way. The classic. The Easter Egg. Obviously there are so many different kinds of Easter Eggs (side note, what's your favourite? I could eat any tbh) so there is plenty of choice. I tend to just go for their favourite kind of chocolate, as an egg. One of my friends was eating M&M's a few weeks ago and she said how much she loved them, so I made a mental note to get her that Easter Egg!

Check out my Easter Eggs through the years below! (LOL)





I seem to get more as the years go on... If you don't already know, just like me, my mum loves gifting, so she goes overboard at any opportunity she gets! 

Flowers are always a lovely spring like option. I think they are gorgeous, and there are always more options around Easter time. Think Spring pastels and muted colours, your bunch will look just the part! 

Bunny themed things! Mum and I are both so obsessed with bunnies, and at Easter, they are everywhere! I have bought my mum a ceramic bunny this year, just like I did for Mother's Day too ha ha. Don't worry - she already knows about it, she picked it out! Please don't buy real bunnies though for people, just like puppies at Christmas, they are likely to get abandoned / neglected as not everyone wants one of the cuties in their lives sadly :(

Bake! You could always bake someone a big box of Easter themed cupcakes! How about egg nests or cookies? Who doesn't like home baked goods? 

Some buns I made in Food technology 4 years ago!!!

I put together some Easter bundles for 2 of my lovely friends which included an Easter Egg, a mug, a scratch card (something fun!), a creme egg and a toy egg (like a kinder egg) and they went down so well! I found some Easter gift bags in Home Bargains which were perfect. 

Another fabulous Easter related idea would be a full on Easter hamper. Think wicker baskets, cheese, crackers, wine, chocolates, and most importantly, Chutney. 

I think chutney/pickles are a great gift idea, they are something a little different, but so tasty and ideal for this kind of transitional period around Spring/Easter. 

Check out these Chutneys, from the English Provender

I was very kindly sent these on behalf of English Provender and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed. The jars themselves scream the best Spring gift with their floral decals. These, in a box of goodies, would be a welcome treat from the Easter bunny! Plus, they are a great alternative to chocolate. I can't wait to cook up a storm with them, and of course, enjoy them on a cheese and wine night! They are vegetarian and vegan too so they will be appreciated by many. 

Do you have any last minute Easter treat ideas? 

Bye for now, 
Tamzin xxx

*this post contains a product that was sent to me free of charge. In no way does that shape or form my opinion! :)


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