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Reflection | Association

To think deeply or carefully about.  Isn't it crazy how one place can hold so many memories, both good and bad?  Isn't it crazy how one place can be so happy, when it has also been so sad?  There's this place, near my house. It is essentially just a field. Surrounded by trees and woods and nature. It's peaceful. Blissful. Somewhere to escape too. I often go down there when I feel like I just need time to reflect. It's lovely to walk around, and even lovlier to just sit. I used to come here a lot with an old friend of mine. When we were really little, we'd play in the seemingly endless stretches of grass, and down by the stream that trickled through the bushes. We'd play hide and seek, we'd race from one gate to another, we'd sing and make up silly songs and we'd crash and eat a "picnic" that we'd thrown into our bags.  As we grew older, we'd still go to explore. We called it the usual place - one a playground, t